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Daniel Jencks

Daniel Jencks Daniel Jencks, a 2014 graduate with a degree in design studies, has always been a creative person.

Initially an engineering major, Jencks believed he wasn’t using one of his greatest assets and switched to design studies.

“I was drawn to the idea of a major that focused on the idea of creativity itself,” he said. “It seemed like there were so many possibilities in a major like that, and it hasn’t disappointed me.”

While in school, Jencks had the opportunity to design and paint a mural in the town of Camden on Gauley.

He researched what Camden on Gauley is known for and how its people spent their time. A few weeks after his first visit, he presented about five different ideas for the mural to the town council.

“The council was great at telling me what they liked about a few different designs, and together we combined those concepts into one new idea for me to work on,” he said. I spent some more time refining this idea and took notes from Jenny about any new suggestions the town gave. Towards the end of my internship, the council approved the design.”

Mural that says Camden on Gauley

The design celebrates the most prominent industries of Camden-on-Gauley—mining, logging, and healthcare. It also highlights the recreational traditions of hunting and fishing. The Gauley River has had a vast impact on the history of the town and continues to hold importance today.

“It was extremely rewarding to see how much my designs and willingness to help meant to those wonderful people,” he said.