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Leadership Team

School of Design & Community Development

Butler, Peter

Director of Design and Community Development
Professor and Extension Specialist in Landscape Architecture

(304) 293-5462

4303 Agricultural Sciences

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Blythe, Jessica

Program Coordinator for Agricultural and Extension Education
Associate Professor of Agricultural and Extension Education

(304) 293-5536

4423 Agricultural Sciences

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Giorgi, Aaron

Program Coordinator for Master and Doctorate of Agricultural and Extension Education
Assistant Professor of Agricultural and Extension Education

(304) 293-5707

4419 Agricultural Sciences

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Haddox, Chris

Program Coordinator for Design Studies
Associate Professor of Interior Architecture and Design Studies

(304) 293-3657

704D Allen Hall 

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Jones, Katie

Program Coordinator for Fashion Design & Merchandising

Associate Professor of Fashion, Dress & Merchandising

(304) 293-6735

704K Allen Hall

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Mullett, Lee

Program Coordinator for Interior Architecture

Teaching Associate Professor of Interior Design 

(304) 293-3533

704I Allen Hall

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Orr, Elisabeth

Program Coordinator for Landscape Architecture

Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture

(304) 293-5439

4321 Agricultural Sciences

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