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Holly Corey

Alumni: Holly Corey

Holly Corey, a 2012 fashion, dress and merchandising alumna, launched an acitvewear line of functional, yet affordable, pieces that give athletes the confidence to achieve their full potential.

Holly Corey’s Bio

Katie standing on mountain.

Faculty: Katie Jones

My main research is in the discourse of fashion, so I’m mostly interested in how we talk about fashion, how the media and various public discourses make fashion meaningful in everyday life. That could be anything from advertising to magazine articles as well as social media.

Katie Jones’s Bio

Lindsey McGreevy

 Student: Lindsey McGreevy

Lindsey McGreevy, a fashion, dress and merchandising student, stepped outside her comfort zone and was rewarded by being named WVU’s first winner of the Student Design League.

Lindsey McGreevy’s Bio